Saturday, 28 January 2012

De lorenzo!!!

Spent 1.5 hours looking at tiles today!!!!!! Decided on ensuite (black and white), main bathroom (coffee brown floor, shiny goldy/creamy marble pattern hard to describe) and floor shiny white pattern tile (not porcelain can't afford them!!!!!:( ) All within standard selection and sizes so no extra money!

Had a headache afterwards so much to choose!!!! At least we didn't fight over our choices!!!

Still waiting for bank to give us final approval!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Final plans ready!!!!

Final plans are finished!!! Waiting for final costings, then we sign the contract, get the final bank approval and it's off to council for approval!!!!
We are going to be looking at brick colours on Saturday found about 6 houses to look at in the Maitland area....hopefully find something we like in the inclusive range so we don't have to pay extra!!!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Building at The Ponds Paperbark- an update!

Well we brought our land in September last year at The Ponds-Paperbark. Ian lined up for two days so we were sure to get our block of land.
We decided on the Impression 38 from Wisdom with a few changes mainly being extra 1 metre added upstairs, making the study/media room into a ''Granny flat" for my mum and completely redesigning the laundry so a third toilet could be made. All up we have 6 bedrooms, have an extra two people moving in!!
We are up to the final plans stage and hope to sign the contract in January. Then the fun begins.
Trying to decide on colours is soooooo much fun!!! Going for a black and red kitchen, black and white ensuite bathroom so far!